Home Safety Program (Oct 1 – Nov 30, 2023)

Supported by The Office of the Fire Commissioner; BX Swan Lake Fire Dept. Fire Prevention and Education is hosting a Home Safety Program.

Benefits of program:

  • Community Risk Reduction program for residential occupants
  • Increase community contact
  • Familiarization with residential properties
  • Encourage life safety practices
  • Work with diverse cultures in a place of their comfort

Benefits for residents:

  • Fire and life safety in the home
  • Protective measures to improve quality of life
  • Public safety and awareness
  • Fire and life safety hazards noted on a checklist form with recommendations the occupant can take for corrective action
  • Free install of battery-operated Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector to qualifying residents

Benefits to the community:

  • Publicizing year-round community programs and activities
  • Meeting residents of the community on a one – one basis
  • Allow fire fighters to become better acquainted with street names, hydrant locations, community development, and home construction, as well as pre-fire planning.

Due to current Covid-19 protocols, we will not be performing free home evaluations at this time, but hope to resume this service when possible.  However, we will have a doorhanger bag that can be picked up at the BX Swan Lake Fire Station that contains the following program information:

  • Introduction card
  • Evacuation plan sheet
  • Grab & Go sheet
  • Home Fire Escape flyer
  • Smoke Alarm flyer
  • Carbon Monoxide safety flyer
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher flyer

If you have mobility issues, contact us and we will try to deliver this to your door.

Furthermore, we will be offering a free battery-operated Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors where occupants don’t have one, while quantities last.

Interested Residents of RDNO Area B and C (Response area of BX Swan Lake Fire Rescue) can contact BX Swan Lake Fire Rescue the Fire Prevention & Education Officer by CLICKING HERE .  Please indicate that you are interested in the Home Safety Program.

Contact our Fire Prevention & Education Officer