Open Burning

Living in a rural area there is often the need or desire to have fires for cooking, heat, recreation, clearing land, etc. Click the links below and read the rules for each type of fire BEFORE lighting up!

  • What types of fires are allowed?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • What is the Venting Index?
    • Venting Index is a measure of how well the current weather conditions will disperse smoke and pollutants
    • The intent is to ensure air quality for your neighbors and that your smoke isn't drifting into their homes
    • A good venting index (55 or greater) will help to ensure your smoke rises straight up before dispersing
    • Class A and Class B Open Burning can only occur when the Vending Index is rated 55 or better
    • Learn more about the Venting Index here
    • See the current Venting Index